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We offer you to enjoy your vacations in Kyrgyzstan, the land of nomads with ancient traditions and high mountains with lakes and rivers. It is a great chance to escape from hectic city life and plunge into serenity of nature. As a travel company, we offer you wonderful tours not only in Kyrgyzstan, but also in other countries of central Asia like KazakhstanTajikistanUzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Besides custom-made and private tours, we suggest you to rent a car to travel independently and explore off beaten tracks with us. Here are some examples, why you should explore these countries.

Kazakhstan shares a few borders with Kazakhstan and occupies a huge territory coming the ninth in the world. It is a modern state with relatively well-developed infrastructure and offers a big choice of tours. It has lots of steppes broken with mountains with amazing gorges and lakes. Almaty has a lot sites to visit during your historical tour. You can also use car rent services in Kazakhstan.

Tajikistan is a country of high mountains called Pamir. The name is translated as roof of the world, and one can clearly see that the tops seem to touch the sky. Along the famous Pamir highway you can visit small cozy villages like Langar, Yamg, Ishkoshim, Khalai Khum and others during your tours in Tajikistan. There are many cars for rent in Dushanbe as well.

Turkmenistan will amaze you with a various landscape, amazing culture and historical monuments. Darwaza gas crater, often called as Doors to Hell is a must-visit of a country. There are also ancient cities like Kune-Urgench, Dashoguz, Mary and Merv.

Uzbekistan will reveal you great views of fine examples of medieval architecture that its cities boast with. Follow the footsteps of ancient caravans in Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva and enjoy learning new crafts and participate in master classes.

Thus, all these five countries will allow you to learn the history of Silk Road, enjoy wonderful landscapes, meet new people and get acquainted with their traditions. This kind of travelling will freshen your mind, enrich your knowledge and clears your soul. Join our great tours in Central Asia.

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