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Kyrgyzstan Trekking: Trek 06
Your trip: Kyrgyzstan
Type of trip: Trekking Tour
Time of tour: 8 days

Day 1: You will be sat at Manas airport. Transfer with your guide in Bishkek city. Strengthening breakfast at the hotel. After lunch city tour. Visiting: squares, museums, parks, souvenir shops and other attractions.
Day 2: This day you will have trekking tours to the national natural park Ala-Arch. After trekking tour, we will return to the city of Bishkek. Lunch on the road. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in the guest house.
Day 3: Strengthening morning. You will leave the city of Bishkek in Tamga village, located on the south shore of Lake Issyk Kul. Rest on the shore of Issyk-Kul. Lunch on the road. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in the guest house.
Day 4: Strengthening the morning. Trekking tour in the mouth Tamga stone inscriptions in the ancient Tibetan -... "Tamgha-Now, the village a few miles Lunch on the way rock is located above the water hard and interesting tour After our trekking, we 'will return to the village Tamga. The remaining time we will relax on the beach of Lake Issyk Kul . Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in the guest house.
Day 5: This day you will have trekking tours in Barskoon mouth. Barskoon - one of the most beautiful and visited the Issyk-Kul region. The road that leads to the mouth is the best. Trekking tours to waterfalls - "Tears of the bars" and "Manas Bowl." After lunch, you will have trekking tours Tamga village. In the evening you can have trekking tours on the coast of Issyk-Kul. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in the guest house.
Day 6: The day begins with a morning of strengthening. We will continue your trekking tour. Lunch on the road. You will have trekking tours Tosor gorge, which in translation from Turkish means "good bridge" or "post". In the evening you will return to the village Tamga. Enjoy delicious dinner in the evening.
Day 7: This day you will have trekking tours in the city of Bishkek. In studying the way we''ll visit Issyk-Kul artisans in Bokonbaevo village. After arriving in town we'll take a break from the road. Enjoy delicious dinner and sleep in the guest house.
Day 8: Your guide will meet in your hotel, then transfer to Manas International Airport.



Other route NDN goes from Georgia, bypassing Russia from Black Sea port Poti, then in Baku in Azerbaijan where the military goods are overloaded on the ferries crossing Caspian sea and follow to Kazakhstan, further through Uzbekistan to Afghanistan, now this route makes one third of full shipment through NDN. And third route NDN completely bypasses Uzbekistan and goes from Kazakhstan through Kirghizia and Tajikistan to Afghanistan.

From here it is obvious, that geographically central point - Kyrgyzstan, and it becomes following theatre of war in tsentralnoaziatskoj to Pentagon strategy or as general Petreus named it, the centre of strategy of the Pentagon. As describes it the expert across Central Asia Peter Chemberlen:

"Recent sudden reorganisation of the Taliban and the Pakistan groupings ... is intended to provide the USA and NATO the justification to open this new front in their terrorist war, moving attention to protection of new Northern Distributive network (NDN) which is parallel to expected pipeline routes to huge underground riches which waits otkachki from a fertile soil of the Caspian pool. This undertaken reorganisation in internal Asia became possible, because the American and Pakistan leaders have decided to exploit long friendship of Pakistan with the Taliban instead of in common working against it."



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