Central Asia Tours. 

Our company is happy to see you traveling or planning to travel along the countries of Central Asia! At the time of globalization it is getting easier to organize the Great Silk Road tour and get in contact with locals. Especially the last one is important to make people all around the world closer to each other. There is a great chance to discover unique culture and traditions, listen to the traditional music, try tasty food and get to know what is Central Asian hospitality.

You can start your tour in Kyrgyzstan, spend the night in the yurt under starry sky, breath the fresh air and admire high altitude lakes, hike in the mountains and feel the atmosphere of nomadic lifestyle. Then you can travel to the neighboring country, Kazakhstan and compare these nomadic cultures so similar to each other. Tajikistan can be the next tour destination which offers the opportunities of enjoying mountains, Pamir - Roof of the world and communicate with locals. Then come to Uzbekistan and visit the sites of religious and historical significance that are the perfect example of Middle Age fine arts. In Turkmenistan there are special places that you won't find anywhere else like Darwaza gas crater or Kow Ata. These are all just examples, in reality there is so much to discover!

You are always welcome to any of the countries of Central Asia or all of them together in one Silk Road Tour!


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