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Nomadic land

Kyrgyz are among the nomadic Turkic peoples migrating to Central Asia for centuries. The nomadic tradition is so strong that some have argued - Kirghiz ceases to wander after death, when his body rest in the earth. Kyrgyzskie cemeteries are places of interest, often located on a hill, where, instead of simple headstones erected a small mausoleum of adobe bricks or installed metal frame of the yurt.
Over the centuries, and even now the foundation of the economy is livestock - sheep, yak and horse breeding for wool, meat, milk and fat. For centuries, horses and sheep were the main unit of payment in the exchange or purchase of goods, weapons, or even his wife.
Horses play an important role in the life of nomadic people. Kyrgyzskie horses were famous and reputed to be a valuable asset because they were strong and hardy, trained to travel long distances, along with flocks and herds of domestic animals. Children are placed in a seat and began to teach riding almost at the same time they learn to walk. Even today one can see herds of horses on the mountain pastures.

In rural areas, nothing is valued more than skill to handle the horses. Horse races of endurance and speed can be conducted at a distance of more than 30 km, and the Equestrian Games are a central element of the program of festivities, such as the Festival Chabysh ("Horse"). One of these "games" involves two participants (riders), whose bodies are covered with mutton fat. Opponents are trying to pull each other off his horse to the ground. The other involves competition between two teams whose job is to score points by dragging and dropping or throwing out massive goat carcass across the finish line of the opposing team. Perhaps a more "romantic" is a game of "Kyz kuumay," in which a guy tries to catch up on horseback rider, a girl and kiss her. Rider is doing everything possible to keep from being overtaken. According to tradition, if he loses the girl, "rewards" of his blows whip (whip). But if a rider comes out the winner, then she should fall in love with him as a young man proved to be a really skilled rider.

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