One day tours

Option 1: Bishkek City Tour
Guests have an opportunity to visit Bishkek and take a trip along the city. It is the city tour which is very popular among people coming to Kyrgyzstan. Such a route is going along Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), central Ala-Too Square, the National Arts Museum, National philharmonic. Some of the sites can be reviewed as our guests wish. The route is going through famous Asian Bazaar. It is the heart of Kyrgyz life of the country where all visitants can find interesting works of handicraft, decorated with images and lines, ornaments. It is going to be the way full of opportunities to taste national food and drinks and of course make unforgettable photos. 

Option 2: Bishkek - Burana Tower - Issyk Ata -  Bishkek (120 km, one way)
This tour will be interesting and breath-taking as we are going to travel to several places in one day. The first destination is going to be the Burana Tower. The tower originally was 45m high but with the time and natural disasters along with human threats it became smaller. Outside the sacred minaret there are stone warriors balbals protect it from inner and outer threats. Then we are going to show  Issyk Ata gorge. Here there are  mineral springs in 77 km from the capital of Kyrgyzstan, known for having healing powers. The gorge is peculiar for green valleys and meadows everything located at great heights. After all guests have enjoyed nature they drive back to Bishkek. 

Option 3: Bishkek - Issyk Kul - Bishkek (250 km, one way)
Here goes an overwhelming tour to the pearl of Kyrgyzstan, Issyk Kul Lake. Located at the altitude of 1600m above sea level. It is the second high-altitude lake after Titicaca in South America. The lake is known to bear the legend, it says there was a city struck by an earthquake and flooded with the water. At the bottom of the lake there is an ancient city, the ruins lying there. The name of the lake means "Hot Lake" as it never freezes even in the winter. Here guests can travel, fish and swim, take a boat cruise. The territory of the lake is the home of various significant places as Ruch Ordo Cultural Center. The day ends with the returning to Bishkek. 

Option 4: Horse riding in Chon Kemin gorge (150 km, one way)
The day is going to be fulfilled with magnificent tour to Chon Kemin gorge. It is a nice place where residents and visitants can enjoy the ride of 3 hours. Gorge is rather picturesque and it is going to be an opportunity to witness the beauties of the ranges of Kyrgyzstan. Here local dwellers will teach you the details of an interesting ride, as horses are amazingly clever and good-hearted animals. The hospitable local dwellers will be glad to welcome you to have dinner with them. You will try national food and drinks. Then guests will drive back to the capital.

Option 5: Bishkek - Ala Archa - Bishkek (45 km, one way)
The tour can be going from the capital Bishkek to the gorge Ala Archa. It is in 45km from the capital but while going there guests can witness the daily life of the city. The gorge is seen at the king-like Tien Shan mountain range, being the location of the beauty and gracefulness. Natural world of the gorge opens us glaciers and peaks to visit. Here it is possible to do hiking and trekking. The gorge is the home of the stunning waterfalls needed to be seen. It is the gorge where overseers can enjoy purity of nature while they travel here. In the evening there will be a way back to the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

Option 6: Bishkek - Ala Archa - Bishkek City Tour (40 km, one way)
This is going to be the great day as we have prepared lots of surprises for our guests. From Bishkek they will take a tour to famous Ala Archa gorge. In 45km there are emerald green forests of Tien Shan Mountain Range. It is an amazing place for photos as nature is fabulous. The gorge is located at the altitudes, 1600-4800m above sea level. In the times of the Soviet Union it was impossible to travel here as the gorge was created for highly honored people. Guests can start hiking in the gorge, along with it guides will inform about interesting historical details. While you can wander about the forests of the gorge, it is possible to catch treasured views of panoramas. Then we will return to Bishkek where city trip is going to be achieved. Here are the sites which will be visited: the Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), central Ala-Too Square, Old Square, National philharmonic.

Option 7: Bishkek - Belogorka gorge - Bishkek (80 km, one way)
Right from Bishkek we are going to show incredible Belogorka gorge. In 80 km from the capital of Kyrgyzstan the gorge with a waterfall of 60m is located. It may be visited by all who wander in the Chui Region and those who want to travel to the river and the gorge need to spend about 2 hours for the way. It is peculiar for amazing valleys of flourishing carpets. Guests will be able to do hiking here, the mountainous area suits this activity great. In the end of the day there will be a picnic organized, with the way back to Bishkek in the end of the day.

Option 8: Bishkek - Konorchek - Bishkek (112 km, one way)
This is the day which is going to be fulfilled with great emotions as we are driving to the heart of mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Guests will see the red rocks formation where all can do hiking. These are Konorchek canyons. The tour here is going to be great as all can get a view of amazing panorama and 2-hours way of getting travel experience. Being here visitants can get to the top of the mountain and catch sunsets. The road is not asphalt one, but the way will be unforgettable anyway. In the end when all guests enjoyed hiking, they will return to Bishkek.

Option 9: Bishkek - Burana Tower - Bishkek (75 km, one way)
The tour starts at 9am when guides and drivers come to take you to Burana Tower. It is the minaret of the 11th century with a great history and lots of signs of the ancient times. The minaret was the destination of many traders going along the Great Silk Road. They saw it to be a possible stop after a long way. Being in one of significant places of Kyrgyzstan we recommend you not to miss the museum of balbals. These are stone monuments created in honor of the men fallen for their native land. From the Turkic language these mean "ancestors". In the evening all will return back to Bishkek.