Any tour in Kyrgyzstan is the great option for all to have an opportunity to feel the culture of the country visiting the national nomadic dwelling - yurt. Visitants can travel in the very mountains as right there we can see true nomads of the country. They are always glad to tell all of the cultures of the country too guests making their route. For it is better to contact us and tell the desire of witnessing the yurts while guests are in Kyrgyzstan tours.

Yurt is a nomadic dwelling made with the usage of no metal or nails. At the same time the shape of the yurt is also interesting. During Kyrgyzstan tours in the country all can be convinced about it as the round shape is created for being able to stand strong mountain winds.

And basically people will see that it is created as the unity of a man and the universe, nature and the whole. Guests can visit the yurt and take an offering of the delicious food there.

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