Uzgen complex

Uzgen complex is one of the most interesting and significant architectural creations of the country. We would like to note that starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan means you will be able to see testimonies of the ancient times in the modern world.

It is possible to travel here and make notice of the city Uzgen seeing to be 2000 years old. The complex seems to be the place created in 11-12th centuries. Along with it in the time of Kyrgyzstan tours all will be able to make a witness of mausoleums of Northern, Middle and Southern sides. We are glad to recommend going to the complex and make witness of the minaret with your own eyes. The complex is seen to have a certain history of creation, it is said that it was built to bury the Karakhanid epoch. Being members of Kyrgyzstan tours guests can get to the northern part of the complex, built in 1152-53. There is a special spiral stair for the mullah to say words of pray.