Uzgen complex in Kyrgyzstan

It is better for travels to rent a car and start travels among ancient sites. First to note is that city Uzgen appeared in II-I centuries B.C as the center on commerce for people from the Fergana Valley moving to Kashgar and now it is known as Uzgen Complex on the territory of modern Kyrgyzstan. These years of flouring identify time of building of minaret. Uzgen complex is 27,5 meters high and is the center of history, culture and archeology visited by a great amount of people on their package tour in Kyrgyzstan. But for a long time the complex used to be 45 meter high. It is situated near Osh on the right shore of the River Kara Darya, in 54 km from the city, in Kyrgzystan. In ancient times Uzgen was the capital of the state Karakhanid in the XI-XII centuries.

As for the building itself, the complex is of 3 buildings of minaret, that was created with 53 spiritual steps for the mullah to call for adhan, and mausoleums to bury the nobility of the Karakhnid realm. It is built of a stone and is of a square shape, two meters in depth, the walls of which are nine meters high. Lower the minaret is 2 m high like cylinder built from bricks. At the bottom diameter is eight, upper it is six. The history of the place and people you will hear during your tour as visiting Kyrgyzstan it is advised to set off for Uzgen complex and see everything by your own eyes.

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