Traditions and Customs

Being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan means you will have an opportunity to travel and get more information about traditions and customs of the country. Your way will cover significant sites of the country and some of traditions may be met easily and some of them not. It means that during Kyrgyzstan tours all will need to wait or some of the events or visit various museums for seeing traditions and customs.

We would like to note that the Kyrgyz people basically originated from Turkic and Mongolian tribes. And the main custom which can be seen is hospitality. People of the country are kind and hospitable, they are glad to help you with any of the problem you have.

Traditions and customs come from generation to generation and may be known just to some peculiar families. For now it is a great pleasure to tell traditions of bread - "komoch-nan"(round bread), "tandyr-nan" and of course "boorsok". Then traditions concern the necessity of every girl to have a special box for her future married life. While being in Kyrgyzstan tours all have an opportunity to witness all of these customs and traditions.


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