Traditional drinks Kyrgyz people

Kyrgyz traditional drinks are nutritious and satisfying, the ancestors of the Kyrgyz were nomadic people and needed exactly such drinks, which at the same time satiated and quenched their thirst while they traveled across the steppes, mountains and valleys. Today, all travelers can try their luck and go on a tour with rented cars service in Kyrgyzstan to taste these healthy Kyrgyz traditional drinks. Our team is ready to arrange the tour with car rent Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470 service with pleasure, through which tourists not only travel, but also learn more and more about Kyrgyz traditional drinks and also try them. Here you can briefly be informed about the most basic Kyrgyz traditional drinks.

A drink made from mare's milk, which has very beneficial properties for the human body. To prepare this type of traditional Kyrgyz drink, it is demand to work hard because it is necessary to milk the mares for about 1.5 hours. Then this milk goes through the fermentation process. Taking rented cars and traveling around Kyrgyzstan during the tour, tourists can visit remote pastures to taste the best and freshest kymyz. Kymyz is usually served in leather jugs.

Maksym and Jarma
Maksym or called as Jarma drink, which is made from such wheat grains as talkan, the flour of which is fried in fat. Travelers being in Kyrgyzstan will be able to witness the process of creating the drink during the tour. Usually, water, salt are added first and the cereals are boiled for a certain time, and then left to cool for 10 hours. Kyrgyz people prefer to drink jarma both warm and cold. This type of traditional Kyrgyz drink is a good thirst quencher.

Airan is also one of the Kyrgyz traditional drinks made from cow's milk that resembles yogurt. Of course, the drink contains beneficial bacteria. Travelers will also be able to see the preparation process of this drink with their own eyes by taking car rent Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470 service during the tour. To prepare ayran, milk is first heated, then cooled and fermented for about 8 hours.

Ak Serke
No less famous drink among Kyrgyz traditional drinks that tourists can taste during the tour with rented cars service is Ak Serke. The Kyrgyz make this drink from one liter of beef broth, which must be mixed with 200 grams of buttermilk and salt. Then left in a warm place. Ak Serke satiates hunger well.

Bozo is a low alcohol drink, something like beer, but the taste and color is completely different. This type of Kyrgyz traditional drink is made from healthy natural ingredients, that is, it is a drink made from boiled, fermented grains of millet, corn, wheat or rice. Anyone can try this Bozo drink while traveling in the territory with car rent Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470 service.


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