Bishkek is a popular destination for tourists looking to rent a car and learn the language. It assists us in understanding the goals of those around us as a key form of communication. Before attempting to learn a new language, understand how people interact.

Our management staff can provide you with a dictionary of Kyrgyz and Russian terminology. Their English is very good. As a result, they will gladly answer any queries you may have. Participants will be able to learn about Kyrgyz culture via the lens of their linguistic origin and history.

Tien shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

You'll be largely focusing on Turkish language study during your Kyrgyzstan tour and car rental. It was originally composed by Orhon-Yenisey. People communicated in Arabic due of their affinity for the Islamic faith. The Latin alphabet was the next topic on the agenda. People began converting their languages to use the Cyrillic alphabet once the Soviet Union rose to power in the twentieth century. It is still used in Kyrgyzstan for a variety of sounds.