Streams of Kyrgyzstan

As a member of our team, travelers will be able to examine a large number of rivers, which number in the thousands. Today, it is feasible to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and go on a tour of the country. It is important to examine the data on the country's natural features in order to travel to some of the lakes on a tour.

Streams of Kyrgyzstan rafting, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

Some of the rivers were formed by glacier melting, while others developed as a result of severe rainfall. However, due to their great heights, not all of the rivers can be accessed. Some of the rivers are suitable for rafting, and we are happy to organize an hour-long rafting tour for our company's visitors and car rent in Kyrgyzstan. The River Naryn is one of the longest, with a length of 535 kilometers. It is known for being an old river that is separated into two parts: the Big and Little Naryn Rivers. At the same time, they arrange the branches that go into the Toktogul Reservoir, such as At Bashi and Kekemeren.

It's worth noting that the Aral Sea is an example of what it's not necessary to accomplish, as Uzbekistan has depleted its resources. The Talas, the country's other major river, has been flowing since 751. During those periods, the Chinese community was under threat from the west. The Chui in the north travels through the countryside, passing through the Boom gorge. Then there's the Sary Jaz River. Travelers who rent a car in Kyrgyzstan on a tour can see it and recognize it as part of the Khan Tengri series. Suggestions for the construction of the bridge were made in 2003, however they were unsuccessful. The Chatkal river may be observed in the west of the Tien Shan Mountains, flowing from the country's remote valleys and being captured by 120km of the Chandalash range.