Son Kul lake

In a tour in Kyrgyzstan all will be given the opportunities of visiting the Son Kul lake. Being at the altitude of 3016m above sea level and we assure the way will be fulfilled with great emotions. Starting to travel here we advise you to pay your attention to the mountain location of the lake. It means that it is always cool there as with every altitude it becomes colder and colder.

Those who have decided wander in the country as members of Kyrgyzstan tours should know that trips to the lake may be done from June to September as the territory is not covered with snow.  Moreover, it is known that the lake was fishless in the very beginning but in the Soviet Union about 66 kinds of fish were brought here. You are very lucky if you have an opportunity to be in Kyrgyzstan tours. People here are very hospitable and are glad to help in any situation.

Now it is easy to start a way, and be here with pleasure.