Son Kul lake in Kyrgyzstan

If you care about comfort, you can rent a car with a driver or without a driver for travel. Kyrgyzstan is a mountain country and due to it all lakes are located high in the mountains where there is Lake Son Kul. At the height of 3013 m above sea level you have an opportunity to make a tour and acquire amazing feelings in Kyrgyzstan. The lake is believed to be the only high altitude lake of such height in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz are nomads from the very beginning and used to breed cattle and own good pastures even today. On our tour in Kyrgyzstan, we cross uncommonly picturesque Ashu heights (3586 meters) of is 29 km long and 18 km width with 22 km depth. Nomads of the past have chosen the place for camps due to pastures for cattle that may be travelled by visitors of Kyrgyzstan. People there are very open-minded and are glad to treat their guests fresh koumiss and place to spend nights. The world of green pastures, abundance of flowers, fresh air and amazing view will stay in your heart forever.

The lake may be of different colors due to weather circumstances: purple and blue, then suddenly yellow and orange. High altitudes of mountains in Kyrgyzstan are always covered with snow for more than 130-160 days. In the summer air is fresh and nice. The place and its emergence is connected to the legend about khan who was rather mean and he gathered well-graced girls from the Tien Shan to make them suffer for flooding the place and you have an opportunity to travel in Kyrgyzstan and listen to different legends of the place.

Fauna - in the face of 66 species of freshwater birds - represented on the territory of the lake in Kyrgyzstan from May to September. About 100 tons of fish residents catch up every year. Nomads use the territory as the pasture and let visitors taste koumiss milk on their tour in Kyrgyzstan. The lake is shining so brightly that looks like the other kind of pearl high in mountains in Kyrgyzstan. 

High in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan this lake draws attention of all visitors. Not to miss the beauty of the lake in Kyrgyzstan you should book the date of your trip in Kyrgyzstan. Our managers are always glad to help you to make your travel in Kyrgyzstan and car rent on a highest level.