Sights and highlights Burana

Sights and highlights are worth watching and catching on the tours in Kyrgyzstan. They are the main places to see. We also recommend renting a car and heading to the view located in the Chui Valley, just 60 km from Bishkek.

On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will be advised that an ancient landmark, the structural complex of the city of Balasagun, is a landmark. It is Kyrgyzstan's ancient capital. In medieval times, the site disappeared. Our organization's tour will include an opportunity to use a car rental service in Kyrgyzstan and discover the variety of experiences. It originated in the eleventh century and was around 45m long. After a while, it was taken over by Genghis Khan in the 13th century. The minaret was marked by him and his army. It disappeared at that stage in the 15th century. It was discovered by Soviet Union explorers in the nineteenth century and started to be recovered and given to the Historical Museum in Bishkek. It would be great to visit this amazing place and rent a car on the Kyrgyzstan tour.