Semeyonovskoe gorge

Semeyonovskoe gorge is the other famous gorge located in the Issyk Kul region of Kyrgyzstan. During a tour in this region guests can travel in 40km east and you will find the gorge. It is also seen as the place of the pristine nature and opportunities of witnessing this nature.

Naturally the gorge attracts great interest due to its nature. So, while Kyrgyzstan tours which our guests take it is possible to feel mild emerald-green grass. Fresh air is everywhere so you can get away from the city's traffic.

Our team is professional in the organization of various Kyrgyzstan tours. For you it is possible to contact our personnel and describe the perfect trip from the point of view of your vision and we will organize the one which is going to suit you. Those who are in the country have the opportunities to live in the yurts as real nomads, get to know the way of communication with horses and of course investigate the culture of the Kyrgyz people.