Rivers are seen as the important factor of any mountain country as Kyrgyzstan. Starting to travel in the country guests taking the tour can see that there are about 40 000 rivers and all of them are picturesque and take a great interest. Some of the rivers were created due to melting of various glaciers, some of the rivers were created in the result of earthquakes and flooding and so on.

In the time between Kyrgyzstan tours our guests will be given the opportunities to make a witness of the rivers which radiate the most interest. But we would like to give the description of some of the rivers.

So, River Naryn is the longest one, of 535km. it is divided into Big and Little Naryn Rivers. Being in the city of Naryn it is possible to witness this river and see main problems of the countries.

The problem of all the countries of the mountain meaning is seen in the process of drying up. The Aral Sea can be seen to be already dried up. Then we would like to notice the river Chui which may be notice in the north of Naryn. It is going along the city Bishkek but then is seen to be going to Kazakhstan.

The Talas river is mostly know for the events having happened in 751. During Kyrgyzstan tours all will find out that it was the year when the Chinese side suffered from the west and in the result the secrets of paper and silk creation started to be known to the entire world.

The Sary Jaz river is the part of China and it was made an offer to create a road in 2003 (the bridge). But the offer failed. People will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the Chatkal river in the west of the Tien Shan Mountains. Long time ago the river was used as the mean of transportation and rafting but now the visa regime restricts these opportunities.