The main characteristics of every country are traditions, and Kyrgyzstan is no exception. We want to convince visitors that their tour is guaranteed to be enjoyable in this turn, while our experts schedule it for tours and assist with renting a car. When visitors come here, they choose to take car rental tours and go straight to the locals to observe the rituals and, in other words, the administrative procedures. In fact, the history of ceremonies dates back to the early days of the Turkish tribes. Their practice was based on their lifestyle, and they used to live a nomadic way of life like the Kyrgyz people.

When Kyrgyzstan's car rental tours take place, we are delighted to hear about the traditions associated with childbirth. The first is known to be a suiunchu or a positive news story while parents are waiting for gifts. Then comes the korunduk ritual, based on giving cash to the parents when they come to see the child. The other event is the celebration of the birth of Beishik Toi. This is a time when people come in vast numbers, frying delicious traditional rice, burning archa. Tushoo Kesuu is considered the scenario of the infant taking the first move. When this happens, close friends and relatives are able to tie the boy's hands and untie the strings when the other older kids hit him.

The next form of celebration to be observed on a car rental tour with or without a guide is wedding. In our society, people appear to owe immense value and value to the traditions of marriage. The primary aim now is to welcome the greatest number of visitors, but with considerable financial losses. The forbidden state, ala kachuu, is the basis of traditional practices. The act of kidnapping a bride, always an unknown male, appears to be an act. In the case of kidnapping, the bride has no opportunity or potential to escape the house of the groom. A nike kyiuu, or so-called engagement, then arrives. It is regarded, in accordance with Muslim traditions, as the legalization of marriage. As both her peers and family say goodbye to her, the tradition where the bride is at the centre of focus is Kyz uzatuu. In the restaurant, the marriage itself, with toasts and family, is then made. So, these are the principal customs of the country that people will observe while renting a car on the Kyrgyzstan tour.

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