Restaurants and cafes in Kyrgyzstan

In Kyrgyzstan and during your trip you may notice that in our country there are a lot of restaurants and cafés. To get there easily you can rent a car and visit all of them. Our company is ready to provide car rent with a driver or without a driver. Kyrgyzstan is a country of amazing cuisine of Central Asian nationalities: Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Uighurs and Dungans. One of distinctive features is that dishes in Kyrgyzstan are cooked from fresh products and not stored for the future use. The main ingredient is meat: lamb, beef, horse with a great amount of vegetables. Dishes are of various kinds with Turkic roots: Beshbarmak is a cut meat with noodles in a mix with onion and meat gumbo. In translation means "five fingers" that identifies the process of eating with hands. Plov is the dish came from the Fergana Valley and is from meat, rice, carrot. Lagman is a dish of boiled noodles with vegetables and meat. Roots of a dish are going to the Dungans. Shorpo is a strong and fat soup with carrot, potato, noodles and greens. Manty is dough of steam meat, goes back to Chinese roots. Samsa is a baked in tandoor dough with meat inside. Kurut is a sour-milk product, a kind of Central-Asian cheese. Your tour in Kyrgyzstan may include visiting of such sites as well as tasting national food. Kyrgyzstan is a country of restaurants and celebrations, and to have a nice meal it is necessary to know more about our restaurants you have an opportunity to visit being in Kyrgyzstan:

"Arzu" - national Kyrgyz, Uighur, Dungan and European cuisine may be tasted in the very center of the city. 13, Togolok Moldo Street is a place of location of a restaurant that can be found near the statue of the warrior (batyr) Kojombul with the horse on his shoulders near the known "Plaza" Hotel 4*. With the help of car rent you will find it easily. Restaurant suits both smokers and non-smokers with specialized halls, those who desire to dinner in a fresh air can find the place there in the capital Kyrgyzstan. It is made in a style of national traditions with the average price of 15$. Meals are made on meat, fish and poultry, as well as vegetarians meals on the request of the guests of Kyrgyzstan. It is advised to try manty cooked in a special dish with holes "kaskan". Big events are celebrated in the other restaurant of "Arzu" - "Arzu Grand" suitable for weddings, birthdays and other great events on Jibek Jolu Street.

"Tyubeteika" is known as the restaurant in Kyrgyzstan exactly like "Arzu" but prices are higher. Famous vocalists of Kyrgyzstan perform there. Cuisine is exquisite and national dishes are here to be tasted. As well there are special holidays for children with specialized program held on Saturdays from 11-00 to 14-00. Location: 31, Turusbekov Street.

"Chayhana Navat" means "tea room" from Turkic language and out of the name we can understand the sort of menu here. This restaurant in Kyrgyzstan is known for tea serving and traditional jam. As well there is a great variety of cuisine like European and Chinese, Eastern. Location "Chayhana Navat": Kievskiy 114/1, Fuchika 3, Tokombaev 32, Turusbekov 100, Kurmanjan Datka 242, Baytik Baatyr 55, Ibraimova 42 streets.

Café "Faiza" is a sort of cafeteria of meal of a good quality and value of money in Kyrgyzstan. One remarkable thing is that the café doesn't add the percent in the final amount to be paid for service. There are always crowds of people but dishes are ready in 3-10 minutes. Notable is that the café is Halal, and there are no alcohol drinks. And those guests during their tour in Kyrgyzstan have an opportunity to taste such food.

"Chef. Tenishev's" restaurant is the place for those to try new and unique meal and is located in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek before the entrance of the Oak Park: 122, Tynystanova Street. Cuisine is European and Italian of excellent and superficial taste. The restaurant suits to those who want to spend the evening in a calm and romantic atmosphere of interesting life in Kyrgyzstan. The average price is 30-50 $. Dishes are on the high level.

Steak House "Attila" may be found in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek in front of residential district Asanbay. The restaurant is for superior lovers of dry aged ecological and organic meat of beef, yak, lamb and horse. For Guests of Kyrgyzstan: You won't find ordinary shashlyk. Steaks are not marinated but they undergo the fermentation under high degrees in 25-60 days. After deciding what to eat your meal will be ready in 5-10 minutes. The waiting will not be boring but comfortable in the atmosphere of hospitality. The design is of natural materials - leather and wood with walls full of Turkic tribes runes. The restaurant is located in the "Jannat" Hotel, Kyrgyzstan with the average price of 20-30 $ with an opportunity to see the process of cooking. If you rent a car we suggest, you will get safe and comfort on your travels.

"Pinta Pub" is not an ordinary café or restaurant in Kyrgyzstan. It is the place for those who want to spend their free time eating barbeque, drinking beer and watching a football game on a big screen travelling in Kyrgyzstan. What is offered here? A great variety of beer in craft, bottle and fresh draft, smoked beef, lamb and horse meat, fish and meat sets, steaks. Location: Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, Frunze st., 99, the intersection with Manas avenue or Tokombaeva, 13 in the Asanbay residential district/upper part of the city. Cost: about 3 to 5 $ of one stick of kebab, and 1-2.5 $ of a mug the beer costs per a person.

"Navigator"   works more than 20 years in Kyrgyzstan and offers a great quality of service and a pleasant atmosphere. Local traditional, European, East Asian cuisines are offered in the restaurant for guests as well travelling in Kyrgyzstan. The price is 20 to 30 $ but you won't surely regret time and money spent here. One of the advantages over the other restaurants of Kyrgyzstan is that the staff speaks English fluently. The stuff is always striving for making the quality of dishes and menu better. It is within easy reach from any part of the city in Kyrgyzstan. Location: center of Bishkek,  103, Moskovskaya Street. To hide from the summer hot weather you may enter the conditioning restaurant and have great time.

"Buffet" is a number of cafes of delicious and fresh dishes in Kyrgyzstan. Canteens work 24 hours every day of the week without weekends, and average events may be spent here as about 150 people can be freely roomed. Prices are rather cheap, the breakfast is about 1 $, or 70 KGS, lunch and dinner about 140-200 KGS, or 2-2.8$, with free Wi-Fi and tea. Those who visit Kyrgyzstan as a tour program have the opportunity to have a rest in such a cozy place.

"Slim Fit" is the place located in Kyrgyzstan for those who don't prefer the cuisine described previously. Cuisine is European and healthy one. Atmosphere is cozy and pleasant, democratic prices and delicious food. Price range: 209 - 559 KGS. It is the place for health and calculated calories meal lovers of Kyrgyzstan citizens and guests. American and European cuisine of a balanced diet can be tasted. Breakfast can be omelets, scrambled eggs, cereals, cottage cheese and pancakes. Soups of four types and sandwiches of three types, with bon fillets and steaks from beef, chicken and seafood are offered. Meals don't contain mayonnaise or ketchup, oil and pepper but sauces. In addition there are 7 side dishes with garlic and spinach with all products from USA. If visitors of Kyrgyzstan take into account this place they won't regret about the time and money spent here.

 "Yr Kese"- this place is for those who want to get deeply in the culture of Kyrgyzstan, people and way of life. Remarkable thing to note is that the national Kyrgyz cuisine is offered here especially for those who are on a tour in Kyrgyzstan and desire to see all remarkable details of the country and poeple. Cuisine is Central Asian but the style of the place itself is of an epoch of nomadic tribes of people of modern Kyrgyzstan. In the menu there are soups, meat and needles, national syuzme, jerky Prices are not high, and you can taste national drinks Jarma, Maksym, Bozo, Chalap, Kumis from the bar. Mainly design left from the time of Kyrgyzstan of the Soviet Union.

Along with all these places there are small cafes and restaurants in Kyrgyzstan like "Yr Kese, "Usta", "Travel Pub", "Nar", "Mario", "Omar ne Hayam", Café-bar "Ugolok" and "Zolden" in front of Ala Too square. The last ones are for spending time in a night club. Good kebab can be tasted in the café "Ugolok" in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, the average dinner per a person will be 15-20 $. Being in Kyrgyzstan it is very important to visit any of the restaurant or café as Kyrgyz cuisine is very interesting and must-be-tasted. The best option to reach there is to rent a car and enjoy!

Kyrgyzstan is a country of events and holidays, due to it guests of the country may include in their tour program in Kyrgyzstan visiting of different restaurant and cafés. Our company is always ready to help you to identify the best places depending on your desires and opportunities. Contact our managers and they will give you the necessary information concerning Kyrgyzstan and car rent, tours in Kyrgyzstan and different remarkable and breath-taking places of the country.