As we can be convinced Kyrgyzstan is a country of mountains which means the existence of the great variety of ranges. In a tour people who travel here will be able to get to know more than 88 ranges of the country. All along Kyrgyzstan tours guests will be surely amazed by the variety of small ranges and the big ones. First to know by all who is going to wander in the country, the Chon Alai range is the part of the Pamir mountain system. But the longest range which all can get to know is Kakshaal of 582km and Kyrgyz of 454km.

Basically there are main ranges and they are as follows, the Terskey Ala Too range in the south and the Kungey Ala Too range in the north. The Pamir Alai mountains are created out of Turkestan and Alai ranges. Starting Kyrgyzstan tours please note the amazing "Ala Too"  mountains which are seen from any part of the country.