Population in Kyrgyzstan

Population in Kyrgyzstan is on a high level. If you want to explore more, you can rent a car and start travel. In Kyrgyzstan lives a great variety of people, 6 389 500 million people, about 60% of these people live in the non-urban areas as nomads and villagers. There are about 80 ethnic groups estimated in the country. You will have an opportunity to get them know on tours According to the statistics, 71% are Kyrgyz people, 14% are Uzbeks, 7,8% are Russians, 1,1 % are Dungans, 0,9% are Uygurs, 0,8% are Tajiks, 0,7% are Turks, 0,6% are Kazakhs, 0,6 % are Tatars, and 0,4 are Ukrainians.

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