Peak Pobeda

Peak Pobeda is one of the most famous peaks of the country which is seen to be located in the Issyk Kul region. Kyrgyzstan tours to the peak can be made but for amateurs and even professionals it may be not safe there. The peak is 7439m above sea level and while you travel in Kyrgyzstan and notice it to be located at the border with China. The Chinese side gave the name of Tomur Peak. It is required to contact professionals and listen to their recommendations.

But during a tour it will be obvious that the name was given in honor of the victory in WW2. At the same time the investigator P. Semyenov made Kyrgyzstan tours along the territory and thought this peak and peak Khan Tengri were the only one.

There have been made various attempts of making trips as in 1938 the team of the Soviet Union tried but didn't managed to get the top of it. Then in 1955 teams of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan going along the peak and tried to reach the very top, but just 12 members of the teams stayed alive. It means the idea of danger which may emerge during routes to the very mountains so be careful.


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