Peak Lenin

Peak Lenin is the site which attracts a great amount of people all over the world as it is one of the highest peaks and is considered to be 7134m above sea level. We would like to note that during a tour in Kyrgyzstan all will have an opportunity to get to know that it was not so easy to start any routes in the former Soviet Union. Even more just local residents of the country could find the way of getting special allowances for avoiding of prohibitions.

Starting to travel here guests will see that the peak had the other name - peak Kaufman as it was the man who the only one of the group having managed to get to the top of the peak for opening it. Then the name changed to the honoring of the Soviet leader. It is possible to get to know that in 1871 there was an attempt of A.P. Fedchanko. He started Kyrgyzstan tours along Pamir mountains. But actually the first expedition was made in 1929. It was the time when the vaulting failed. But then in 1934 the professionals of the Soviet Army made a route and went to the top of the peak and put the monument to Lenin.

It may be seen to be dangerous to be in the mountains and especially along high altitude peaks as in the mountains weather is unpredictable and radically cold. Anyway the vaulting of 1967 gave way to more than 301 people. They made Kyrgyzstan tours in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union and opened about 16 new paths.

Unfortunately there are sad events either. In 1974 the group of women decided to wander in the mountains for reaching the peak but they were taken to ash by the storm. Then in 1991 the group of 44 climbers were taken under the ground by an earthquake. So it means it is obligatory to contact professionals.