Musical instruments

Kyrgyzstan is a country of interesting customs and now we would like to talk about musical instruments. All that we know we want to tell you before starting to travel here. And the first people should know is that all of the information was going from generation to generation in an oral way with the help of legends and myths, true facts.

Any type of a tour is usually oriented on the necessity to let guests know about the country itself and one of the most famous written testimonies of our times is epic Manas. But it first was going throughout generations and in the 16-17th centuries was finally written.

Starting Kyrgyzstan tours guests have an opportunity to listen to local manaschi. These are the people who are able to retell the epic without any interruption. The akyns are the people who are the masters of improvisation. During Kyrgyzstan tours we identify the opportunity of witnessing national instruments - komuz, temir-komuz, kyl-kyak, core, sorny, choor and zhetigen. And of course telling us your wishes you can get various opportunities of improvisations of musicians.