Mount Arslanbob

You are free to make a tour in Kyrgyzstan with the help of car rent service as it is the country of not so strict visa regime and that is why we want you to make a visit of Arslanbob. Travelling in the Jalal Abad region you can make a tour on car for rent in 60 km of the region and enjoy the nature of walnut forest. It is one of the biggest walnut forests and actually natural forests in Central Asia. During tours in Kyrgyzstan on rent car it is possible to see the process of harvesting as about one and a half thousand tons of walnuts is gathered every year. For more information you should make a visit of our website or contact our personnel as well as car rent service, they are always glad to answer all your questions. The car rent tour may be fully filled with great emotions of travelling along Big and Small (80 and 35m) waterfalls and caves. For your acquaintance, you should know that there is the Cave of Forty Angels where only sacred and holy women used to live - as the legend says. It is possible to organize any car for rent tour for you as we are looking for all opportunities to make you pleased with travel experience.