Manas structure in Kyrgyzstan

On coming to mountain country as Kyrgyzstan all are offered to travel to historical places located at natural resorts of mountains often. In this article we would like to inform our guests about the Manas complex. Usually guests take rented cars and take a way of 22km from Talas to Tash-Aryk.

The complex is named after national hero of the past. So that being in a tour along "Manas-Ordo"  territory don't be surprised by the 2.25 km2 territory. This complex was really created in honor of the hero Manas, widely popular in Kyrgyzstan. There is the gumbez for him and other heroes of the country.

When a tour is made here, guests have an opportunity to travel along this territory and make sure of it being created in 1334. Legends say it is the place of bury of the emir Abuka's daughter. The ancient people were trying to protect the complex, the bury places, so balbals were erected here.

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