Kyrgyzstan is a country where there are two main languages and both are used simultaneously. In tour you will be met by hospitable and kind people who are always glad to show you the way or help with various difficulties. Some guests who travel here notice that one of the problems is the absence of the English language and that most of the population can't speak it. Anyway even those who can't speak English are always striving to help all who are in Kyrgyzstan tours. We would like to note that the language of the official is Kyrgyz and it is spoken by the majority of the population. First there was no any written language, just oral. And the people were giving information throughout generations. Then there emerged Orhon-Yenisey script as the Kyrgyz were seen as the part of the Turkic tribes. Then Arabic and in 1927 the Latin alphabet. In the very end and still now the Cyrillic alphabet with some new letters. Kyrgyz language is divided into dialects - northern and southern. The second language is Russian and it is also spoken almost by all of the population. During Kyrgyzstan tours visitants will see that it is also the language of business. Anyway, it is possible to find help in any case. At the same time we offer our clients special vocabularies with words of the country with their translation into English. 

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Issyk Kul State Historical
Grigorievskoe gorge
Semeyonovskoe gorge
Dungan mosque
Altyn Arashan gorge