There is an abundance of lakes in Kyrgyzstan and all of them are possible to be seen during a tour which our guests travel. Basically there are 2000 lakes in the country. We give you an opportunity to get to most of the lakes and we would like to give a short introduction of these lakes.

So, let's start from Issyk Kul lake. It is said to be the pearl of the country and basically it is the most-visited place of all who are in the country. Throughout Kyrgyzstan tours all can be convinced that the lake never freezes, even in the winter. The reason is in the high level of salt. The name is translated as "hot lake". While guests are in Kyrgyzstan tours they will be always at the altitudes and at the height of 1600m above sea level it is possible to visit Issyk Kul lake.

Then we would like to recommend you to go to Son Kul Lake. It is located at the altitude of 3016m above sea level. Trips are possible to be made only from June to September as during other periods of time the territory is covered with thick snow and temperatures are rather low.

Chayr Kul is one of the great sites to as it is located at the height of 3530m above sea level. The lake is fishless. Then the way may be continued by visiting Merzbacher lakes. They are seen to be enigmatic but stunning as they disappear every summer. It is impossible to make a trip to Sary Chelek as it is a valley which is flooded with National Park in the center of it.