Kyrgyzstan in different seasons

Those who are basically fond of wandering have a desire to see Kyrgyzstan in different seasons. Throughout a tour in the country you can evidently feel all the seasons of the year in one day. For it you need to travel to the mountains. Our managers are glad to tell you about trips which can be taken according to your wishes and desires. In this case we have decided to outline main seasons of the year:

Winter is the period when temperatures are getting lower and lower -+ 1 °C (34 °F) and lower than -10 °C. Very often people who want to visit the country think that it is possible to be here only during warm and hot seasons of the year, but in the winter you can start a trip to the ski resort of the country. Unfortunately most of boarding houses and paths are closed and for an interesting way it is better to consult with professionals.

Spring is the time of rebirthing; it is the time of starting something new. Weather is pleasant but wet. Everything starts to melt and there are risks of flood. Due to it most of paths are impossible to be passed. In spring farmers and gardeners start their works.

Summer is the very season of starting Kyrgyzstan tours and those who have a desire will find the season as pleasant one. Temperatures are going high - 35 °C (95°F) and higher than 45° C (113° F). In summer paths are opened and it is a great time for the investigation of the country along various significant sites. In the summer routes will be fulfilled with visiting of lakes and rivers, glaciers and valleys, pastures. Everybody will find something applicable to their hearts - hiking, trekking, biking, enjoying pristine and unique nature.

In autumn weather gets lower but still in the beginning of the month it is possible to make trips. You are recommended to take Kyrgyzstan tours in autumn at least ones so that nature in the mountains is amazing. Temperatures are as follows - + 16 °C (60 °F) - + 3 °C (37.5 °F).

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