Kyrgyz Son Kul lake

Son Kul lake is one of the most amazing lakes which you can drive on a renting car as a part of a tour program we have prepared especially for you. We are glad to announce that we specialize on organization of tours and providing cars for rent on the highest level in Kyrgyzstan and we are glad to point out that we take in account wishes and desires of our clients. The lake is located at the altitude of 3016m above sea level.  Travelling in Kyrgyzstan on a rent car you should make a notice of the landscape of the lake which is seen in emerald-green meadows and pastures, thick grass and the sun shining so brightly that you need to have sunglasses and sunscreen. We are glad to let you see the lake as it is possible to make a visit of it in the course of a car rent tour in Kyrgyzstan on only in the summer. 160 days of the year the access to the lake is closed, as it is located high in the mountains where the weather is extremely severe. When you travel in Kyrgyzstan you can notice that the lake is of various unbelievable colors - purple and blue, then yellow and orange.

The lake is seen to emerge as the legend says - there was the khan who was very evil and severe. He was taking the most beautiful girls from all over the world. The mountains couldn't bear sufferings of the girls and created the earthquake which took away all of the people making a crack. Then this crack was filled with water.

During a tour in Kyrgyzstan on a rent car you will always hear legends and myths as the people of the country couldn't explain the emergence of various places long time ago.  Or, as information was going through generations, probably it came from their ancient ancestors - who knows.

Travelling along the Son Kul lake you can make a witness of the amazing beauty of the lake which is full of fish - about 66 species. One of the most famous animals of the territory is Indian goose. Fish was actually taken to the lake on purpose. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you can always find and ask for help the local dwellers - these people live in mountains and are glad to welcome you to their home and describe all the greatness of the country.