Kyrgyz Rukh Ordo complex

Rukh Ordo complex is a place in Kyrgyzstan that symbolizes the unity of people and their faith in supreme forces. Waters of Issyk Kul surround the south of the complex; Solar Mountain Kungei Ala-Too is from the north of Kyrgyzstan.  The complex is identified as the place of enrichment and mutual investigation of cultures, world of national religions and ancient legends. As history tells, Sun observes everything and the place fits to watch Sunrise and Sunset as a tour program in Kyrgyzstan. You are free to rent a car of your wish and start having stunning tours of your travels.

Nowadays in Kyrgyzstan and all over the globe there are problems with faith of other people, it means that all round the globe people can't or don't want actually accept that other people may have completely different religion and they start to humiliate these people and their faith. And this complex has a fascination symbolization of unity of faith and it is located in Kyrgyzstan and can be travelled to. The complex is made in a style of a circle with white topped chapels at some distant from each other. And the very number and existence of such temples represents religions that must be all respected.

If you wish to see the place of sacred unity of people in Kyrgyzstan of any kind, visit Ruch Ordo complex in the process of a tour in Kyrgyzstan, and our managers will always help in any difficulties of car rent in travel. Contact us and have wonderful tours in Kyrgyzstan!