Kyrgyz Rivers

We are glad to suggest car rent where you can explore unique rivers of Kyrgyztsan. Water is a main mean of life for every living being all over the globe and rivers create a wide web range in Kyrgyzstan. As well Kyrgyzstan is considered to be the place with the cleanest water in the world. And mainly water is represented rivers, lakes, streams, and springs. Rivers, about 40 000, in Kyrgyzstan are in mountains, and streams, about 150 000 are all over Kyrgyzstan. The draining ability is about 47    km3 of water a year. Fresh water is found in glaciers of 6580, of area 8 000 m2. Water occurs due to the melting of snow and glaciers, rainfalls high in mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Rains are estimated about the fifth of the water flow.

Some rivers and streams are used for rafting as a part of a program tour in Kyrgyzstan. At the same time these rivers used to be a source of transportation before. Very often guests are asking for more information about the rivers for rafting and canoeing in Kyrgyzstan mountains as they want to make all-around tours in Kyrgyzstan. But the information we can give is that the Naryn River is 535 km long and is seen to be divided on different stages. Also the river is known as the longest one in frames of Kyrgyzstan. The river is the integration of the Big and Little Naryn Rivers above the town Naryn and embraces the waters of At Bashi and Kekemeren to flow into the Toktogul Reservoir in Kyrgyzstan, flows into Fergana Range, Syr Darya into the Aral Sea.

The problem of drying up is a burning one, as the example of what can happen is the Uzbekistan cotton farming that is a potential source of friction. The Uzbekistan cotton farming absorbs all waters of the Aral Sea. Water in Kyrgyzstan is used also as hydroelectric power generation flowing into the Reservoir on the road Bishkek-Osh.

751 is the year when the Talas River in Kyrgyzstan was an essential help to release the secrets of paper and silk manufacture. The Chui in the North of Kyrgyzstan belongs to the Naryn region. It is situated in the eastern part of the Kyrgyz Range and start for a tour and reach it you need to pass the Boom Gorge, Chui Valley and Bishkek. Then the river disappears in deserts of Kazakhstan.

There were suggestions made to build in Kyrgyzstan a road crossing the border of the valley in 2003. The suggestion was rejected as the path would have been not for amateurs but professionals with sound health. The Sary Jaz takes its beginning at the hills of the range Khan Tengri, passes the peaks flows into China.

In the Western Part of Tien Shan Mountain Chain flows the river Chatkal into Uzbekistan. The range Chandalash flanks the river with the length of 120 km. Long time ago when there were no difficulties with border control and vise regime in Kyrgyzstan, it was possible to travel but today the situation is vice versa.

Rivers may be stormy and calm for different purposes: rafting, canoeing, and different levels of complexity in Kyrgyzstan. For you to have a good travel program in Kyrgyzstan contact our managers and they can always answer questions and help to rent a car you are interested in. We wish you breath-taking tours in Kyrgyzstan!