Kyrgyz nomadic drinkables

Traditional Kyrgyz drinks were an essential component for nomadic people traveling over mountains, valleys, and steppes. In this situation, we may argue that the drinks are healthy and tasty. Furthermore, they are both natural and practical. As a result, we've chosen to highlight the drinks that are suggested for tasting on Kyrgyzstan tour in a car rent.

It is made from mare's milk and plays a significant role in the Kyrgyz people's lives. It is well known that in order to obtain milk, mares must be milked for around 1.5 hours. This drink is offered in leather jugs and sacks by nomads on the plains. People attribute a certain quantity of vitamins to the kymyz's qualities, as well as the fact that it is tasty.

Maksym and Jarma
Maksym is often formed of cereals, such as talkan (wheat cereal), flour, and is generally fried in oil. Today, travelers can see the process of making the drink since the tour allows them to travel to local residents and watch how they add water, salt, and cook cereals for a particular period of time before letting them cool for approximately 10 hours. Jarma may be consumed hot or cold, and it is very beneficial and healthy. Additionally, if you have a severe thirst, drink it.

Airan is another traditional drink produced from cow's milk. This is a drink that contains beneficial bacteria. The creation process may be witnessed on a tour in a Lexus LX470 car rent in Kyrgyzstan, when the milk is heated, cooled, and fermented for around 8 hours. This is a drink that may be used to quench your thirst.

Ak serke
The other well-known drink is ak serke, which is made from beef broth. It is known as the preparation, which is produced with one liter of bouillon, 200 grams of buttermilk, and salt. After then, it's left to warm up. Travelers who are hungry on a tour in Kyrgyzstan and rent a car can taste it and forget about their hunger.

Bozo is one of the most challenging cocktails to make. Natural ingredients such as millet, maize, wheat, or rice are also used. Locals are always offered the option of choosing between the bozo strong and the bozo mild, which are both tasty and mild in strength. In any case, living in Kyrgyzstan allows everyone to attempt everything they want being on a tour and rent a car. 


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