Kyrgyz Manas complex

The Manas-ordo complex or Kumbez Manas bears information about courage of the national hero Manas in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. It is the place of his last staying. And to honor memory about the hero it was decided to build the complex in Kyrgyzstan for residents and guests to visit it in the course of their tour. The complex bears the symbol meaning for pairs nearly married for harmony in relations of Manas and his wife. And when couples are getting married, make a tour to the site in Kyrgyzstan and it symbolizes long and happy life. Don't miss to rent a car and get outstanding holidays on travels.

The complex has an area of 2, 25 m2. In 22 km from Talas there is the village Tash-Aryk and in this village in Kyrgyzstan the complex is located. The complex has legends of emergence telling about the batyr (warrior) Manas, and the complex was named after him. In a tour in Kyrgyzstan and in the process of travelling in this place you will hear a legend and the history of the place itself. Mainly the name of the complex means "earthen dome" and was created for heroes to be buried. Scientists consider the place was built by Emir Abuk to bury his daughter in 1334. The place is rounded with stone warriors balbals made in honor of fallen for the people, for the land war-wolfs.

The Manas-ordo is a sacred place for all people in Kyrgyzstan and it is picturesque one at the same time. To get to know the place closer contact our company for organizing a tour in Kyrgyzstan. Our managers will take into account all your wishes of car rent. We wish you an interesting tour in Kyrgyzstan!