Kyrgyz Lenin Peak

In order to explore mountains, it is better to rent a car. The highest peak in Central Asia and in Kyrgyzstan as well is 7134 meters above the sea level and is named Lenin Peak. The peak is well-known in Kyrgyzstan and only highly experienced rock climbers can vault it and watch breath-taking views of the mountain in their tour in the country. With the Achik-Tash base camp in Osh we may admire the views of panorama, and all these advantages you may take in Kyrgyzstan.

Mountain peaks in Kyrgyzstan are well visited by climbers. Our company is ready to do everything on the best level. Contact our managers for more information about car rent on tours, but we assure you, you will not regret in making a tour in Kyrgyzstan as all sites here are amazing and picturesque!