Kyrgyz Folklore show

Kyrgyz folklore is resourceful genre with specialized sanat and imbue that aim of which is to moralize oral poetry, sayings and proverbs, some puzzles, myths and legends that are in a great amount in folklore. Oral poetry is seen in the face of Kyrgyz poetry as the main genre in Kyrgyzstan. Our company would like you to rent a car, and participate in national folklore show.

Kyrgyz people are said to have different myths and legends of their emergence. Most of legends you will hear in a tour in Kyrgyzstan. According to one of it, the word form "Kyrgyz" is created out of two ones: "Kirk" and "Kyz", which means "forty" and "girl". There are two myths connected to the girls. The first one tells us that 40 girls became pregnant as they were drinking frothy foam water. That led to the emergence of Kyrgyz people. The second legend tells about 40 girls and a red dog, when a tribe was destroyed by enemies and 40 girls married the red dog that gave birth to the Kyrgyz people.

Kyrgyz people are musical ones and they are known for their love to music. Music of Kyrgyz was divided into songs and kuu. Kuu are all pieces of art from the sphere of music of all folk instruments like Komuz, kyyak, chopo choor in Kyrgyzstan. All these instruments you will listen to travelling in Kyrgyzstan but identify it in a tour program.

Akyns and manaschi play an essential part in Kyrgyz folklore in Kyrgyzstan. The work of improvisation is on akyns, with komuz and kyl-kyyak instruments playing. The epic Manas, as a destiny of Kyrgyzstan, is narrated by manaschi, without instruments accompanying. An interesting point to mention is that the flow of the epic changes with intonations, dynamics and emphasis, depending on the content of various fragments and phrases and during tours in Kyrgyzstan you will meet them and surely will listen to their piece of art. The epic narration is made as a large demonstration gathering a lot of people for many days and even weeks from different place of Kyrgyzstan. Demonstration is shown in Bishkek by professional musicians for 100$ per a group and in Kochkor village by local musicians for 50$ per a group.

For guests of Kyrgyzstan there is an amazing opportunity to feel culture from inside as travelling in Kyrgyzstan means to be involved in all activities of nomad people. And our managers are always glad to instruct you with all details of tours and car rent in Kyrgyzstan, we wish you an interesting journey!