Kyrgyz Burana

As for main sites and highlights, Burana is a place that must be visited by every guest of Kyrgyzstan in the course of a tour. We recommend to rent a car and easy your ways. Visiting Kyrgyzstan, one of sites of historical meaning to be seen is in the Chui Valley, in 60 km east from Bishkek. The Burana Tower was created in the 11th century 45 meters high and what is more important it beaconed all along the Great Silk Way. The place round the tower is full of interesting places to visit as the open-air museum of the balbals (stone warriors) that may be seen by your own eyes during travel tour in Kyrgyzstan. The tower is in the ancient city Balasagun was destroyed by Genghis Khan in the 13th century. In 15-16th centuries the period of disappearing due to damage process started. The ruins brought attention of the travellers in 19th-20th centuries. Since 1991 the site was visited on the route of the Great Silk Road. Due to it there were made some excavatory expeditions in former Soviet Union on the territory of today Kyrgyzstan, the evidences of important events on the territory of the tower were found and taken as the collection of the Historical Museum in Bishkek.

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