Kyrgyz Altyn Arashan gorge

For you to travel we suggest to rent a car and explore Kyrgyzstan.The waters in Altyn Arashan gorge are mineralized and contain radon to affect positively the health of the human body, it is considered to be the recreation place of hot springs in Kyrgyzstan. The gorge is located near Karakol, in 10 km east from it and being in Karakol it is advised to visit Altyn Arashan Gorge in a tour program in Kyrgyzstan. As the history of Kyrgyz is connected with Turkic, most of the names are from Turkic language, the name of the gorge means "Golden Spa" and in Kyrgyzstan this place is well-known. Coming here it is extremely necessary for guests of the country to bath in springs to strengthen the immune system, normalize the process of metabolism and functions of increasing activity of the sympathetic nervous system, renin-angiotensin system in the course of a trip in Kyrgyzstan.

For those who want to better health and have nice tours in picturesque Kyrgyzstan, the gorge is a place in Kyrgyzstan exactly for them. For making tours unforgettable, contact our company and managers will create a tour program in Kyrgyzstan as well as services of car rent. with due regard to your desires.