Kyrgyz Alpinism

Our company offers car rent services for you to travel in Kyrgyzstan. It is noticeable that high mountains in Kyrgyzstan are always snowy. Especially at high altitudes of 3600 meters snow never melts. Mountains are known as "Ala Too". The name derives from Kyrgyz language, with the meaning "colorful sunny mountains". And to see the beauty and acquire unforgettable impressions we advise to start for a tour in Kyrgyzstan along mountains. To organize tours in Kyrgyzstan, contact our managers and set off for a tour and help to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan you will never forget.

Mountains in Kyrgyzstan magnetically lead travelers interested in alpinism and vaulting. If you have a lack of new feelings and emotions, visit Kyrgyzstan and choose a special tour with endless mountains, incredible nature.  Kyrgyzstan Mountains are known all over the globe with attractive and overwhelming views. Long time ago, in Kyrgyzstan during Soviet Union, officials and prosperous people were allowed to top peaks and basically tours in country didn't exist in their nature. Guests and ordinary residents didn't have such opportunities, though Soviet mountaineers were struggling to get permissions for expeditions. With all these restrictions 600 climbers managed to vault mountain tops in Kyrgyzstan. And today there are no such restrictions but some of them still exist in border zones that may complicate your tours in Kyrgyzstan. Resource spent in mountains can worse due to weather conditions and before starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan, contact our managers for more information.

Main residents in Kyrgyzstan Mountains are animals and the famous one is the Snow Leopard. There is the award with the same name that is given to those who manage to summit all five peaks of the range in Kyrgyzstan. These peaks are estimated to be about 7, 000 meters high. Five peaks are located in different countries: 2 are in our picturesque Kyrgyzstan, 2 are in Tajikistan.

Mountains are magic way of collecting powers for daily life and people who do mountain kinds of sports on their daily basis visit Kyrgyzstan with pleasure. And for our guests to feel comfortable in our country and during their tours in Kyrgyzstan we have a lot of various offers including car rent for desires and wishes of everyone. And of course we wish you a great holiday travel.