Khan Tengri

There is a great amount of peaks worth paying attention to in Kyrgyzstan as peak Khan Tengri. In a tour all will be informed that the peak is 6995m above sea level, but it reaches 7010m with the cap of ice at the top of it.

We will give a good sort of information which tells us that there were made special Kyrgyzstan tours aimed at the investigation of the peak. But some of them are confusing. So investigator P. Semyenov managed to travel here but he mistook the peak Khan Tengri with the peak Pobeda. So both of the peaks were named as the one we are talking about now during different periods of time.

Kyrgyzstan tours are a great opportunity to get to know various sites closer even been far from them. So, all will be informed about the highest peaks. Peak Khan Tengri is said to have such a name which is translated as Blood Mountain. It may be described by the redness of sunsets or by the great amount of people having died there.

It is known that in the past before the independency it was not possible to stay in the mountains as any routes were prohibited.  Now it is possible to start any trips though everything depends on your possibilities. Guests will be able to witness enigmatic Merzbacher lakes and famous Enilchek Glacier.