Jeti Oguz gorge

Our company would like you to rent a car and achieve to followed destination. Karakol is the town of many interesting sites to visit in Kyrgyzstan and Jeti Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls) is exactly the place for those who want to take all form visiting the country. One of it is in 28 km south-west of the town. Making a tour travel in Kyrgyzstan you may witness that Jeti Oguz gorge has rock units that resemble the bulls in a row, as they are located like seven red-brown rocks lied for 35 km long. On the back of it there is the Broken Heart rock in the entrance of the gorge for travellers in Kyrgyzstan to make photos against breath-taking views. The top can be vaulted in 20 minutes to see the panorama of the place. Nature of the place is for all people, for them to acquire great impressions from Kyrgyzstan. To have a rest you can near the camp made in yurts that draw all attention of guests in Kyrgyzstan. Nomads are friendly and they always let you taste mare's milk offered by them.

And we advise to make a tour with all these included as visiting Kyrgyzstan you should take all chances and get most of impressions you can. For you to have amazing tours in Kyrgyzstan, our managers have a certain plan already for car rent and all you have to do is to call and decide which place you want to visit. We wish you a good travel in Kyrgyzstan.