Issyk Kul lake

Routes in Kyrgyzstan are aimed at the visiting of bright sites and in this case we advise to travel to the pearl of the country, the most visited place - Issyk Kul Lake. In a tour which all will have an opportunity to take, you will be informed about all of the legends and myths which exist.

The lake is located in the very mountains and that is why it is seen at the altitude of 1600m above sea level. From the north you can witness Kungey-Alatau Range and in the south Terskey-Alatau Range. During Kyrgyzstan tours it is possible to go to the lake which is the home of about 20 kinds of fish. Being in the process of having rest you can taste corn and fish right on the bank of the lake. Probably you will be amazed by the variety of legends of the site and of course it will be interesting for all members of Kyrgyzstan tours.