It is better to know the history of Kyrgyzstan and that is why we give you a short introduction. So, starting to travel in the country you will find out that the history of the country and the people of it take roots since 201BC. And all was known  from the Chinese notes. At the same time it is well-known that the Kyrgyz people didn't build any houses and buildings for living as they thought it was important to save nature of the country. During the tour guests have an opportunity to live in the special nomadic dwelling as the people of the past used to. So, please listen to the following information as it concerns the main periods in the life of country which all can get to know being here:

Prehistory (1 million years ago - 1 000 BC). Prehistory is known to be the time of 1 million years ago - 1 000 BC when the people were inventing various artistic habits. Guests can make a route to Rock Art Gallery in Cholpon Ata. There are petroglyphs and images which reflect the life of the people of those times. Images concern the depiction of animals, everyday activities and of course significant scenes.

Ancient History (1 000 BC - 300 AD). Ancient history is seen as the period of 1000BC to 300AD. People will have an opportunity to get to know the history of the Kyrgyz people given in the Chinese notes. While starting Kyrgyzstan tours all can listen to guides telling about the time of 201BC when the historian Sima Tan decided to write chronicles and identified the Kyrgyz people as one of the tribes trying to fight with the Hunnu. Then we can find the information about the Kyrgyz written in the 1st century BC and telling about the territory of the Kyrgyz people of the ancient times. This territory is known as the modern eastern Turkestan.

Turkic Era (500-1200). The period of 500-1200 is known as the Turkic Era, at the same time it is one of the most tragic and sad periods in the life of the Kyrgyz people of ancient times. Visitors will have an opportunity to get to know that Turkic Era was the period of 6-13th centuries when the people were running from their places of inhabitance (Alai Mountains) to the territory of Central Asia. People will be amazed by the great variety of notes of those times. But there is no information about the Kyrgyz people up to the 7th century. The first information was given by the Chinese notes and it was said that it was the century when the Kyrgyz people created the Kyrgyz Kaganate. The one who rules was Barsbek ajo. And basically the territory of the Kaganate from the Irtysh River in the west to the Big Khingan range in the east, from the Angara and Selenga Rivers in the north to the Gobi Desert in the south.

The Mongol Rule (1200-1400). The time of 1200-1400 is known as the Mongol Rule. It was the time when the people suffered from the Mongols making threats and destroying the territories of the developed territory of the Kyrgyz people. The one who made destruction was Genghiz Khan. All will be able to find out that in 1207 he came and made an invasion. Then in 12-15th centuries the country started to get the religion Islam.

Kyrgyz consolidation (1400-1800). The period of 15th century, or 1400-1800, is known as the Kyrgyz consolidation when the Kyrgyz people were known to have no statehood but trying to create it. Guests will be given the opportunities to get to know that the Kyrgyz people wanted to create the state of the Kyrgyz with the only one leader, but they failed. In the result they created the tribal system.

Russian Colonization (1770-1917). The time of 1770-1917 is known as the Russian Colonization when the northern side of the country was suffering from threats of the south and outer states - China, Kokand and Kazakhs. The southern part was annexed by force. In the result there appeared the administrative system.

Soviet Rule (1917-1991). Then it is possible to get to know that the period of 1917-1991 was the time of the Soviet Rule. In 1917 the Bolsheviks came and destroyed the developed system of the Russian Empire. They promised the absence of exploitation and fruitful life. There was seen the development of cultural and educational sides, industrial and professional spheres. But the government didn't allow the people to believe in God and have faith so it led to murders of innocents, Atheization, Collectivization and Cultural Revolution.

Independent Kyrgyzstan (since 1991). Since 1991 it is possible to take a route in the independent country. After the Soviet Union started to fall, most of the countries got the status of independency. In 1992 the country started to be the part of the UN, in 1993 the Constitution was taken. But it was not safe to be members of Kyrgyzstan tours of those times. The country was known as the place of instability. In 2005 and 2010 there were revolutions when the people were asking presidents to leave the posts. But since those times the situation has bettered and it is possible to wander in the country, various routes are opened in front of all.