Horse games and other national games

Starting trips in Kyrgyzstan means the idea of facing with nomads, their way of life, horse games and other national games. We are glad to inform you about all the peculiarities of the country and the people living here while you travel in our country. So, all will be informed that all of the games are connected with the necessity to have no fear, to be powerful and strong. These features concern as men so horses.

In a tour guests will be given an opportunity to watch the process of any game playing. First we would like to tell you more about the game known as kok-boru. During Kyrgyzstan tours you can see two teams of 8 people being competitors and trying to throw a dead goat in the goals of their opponent. The other game is Erenish. It also has two teams but the idea is to put the riders off the backs of horses.

Then one of the most interesting games is Kyz-Kuumai. It is a wedding tradition and is concentrated on the groom catching the bride and after that catching her. The way of Kyrgyzstan tours may be continued by watching the game alysh, as a kind of wrestling, or toguz korgool played during the peacetime by the people of war.

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