Horse games and other games

Kyrgyzstan is known as the country with nomadic history and horse and national games are in their blood; the people of the ancient times used to travel the country with yurt without building stable constructions for living as today. We recommend to rent a car and learn more about nomadic people. And in ancient times males were striving to show their power and strength in the face of danger, beloved and opponent. In a peacetime in modern Kyrgyzstan there were created special games almost all of which are connected with horses.

There are games that are well-known to all nomad people especially in Kyrgyzstan. All of them mainly are connected with horse riding which may be tried during tours in Kyrgyzstan. In Kok Boru 8 people are divided into two teams and are throwing a dead goat in the goal of their competitor. The goat is heavy and only well-sound men can do this sport. Playing this game man must be invisibly strong and know how to ride a horse; Erenish is an interesting and unique game when men must show skills of horse riding and at the same time must throw the other team off the horse. As well there is a game of wedding custom. Being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan you will get a lot of interesting information abiut various Kyrgyz games; and according to this game, in order to marry a girl man used to play Kyz-Kuumai (means "to catch up the girl") to conquer the heart of the beloved girl by singing songs and writing poems. The can arise difficulties as the bride is given odds in this game in starting 5-10 minutes earlier and stronger horse. After the groom managed to catch the girl he must kiss and marry her.

Some of the games resemble wrestling, and the known Greco-Roman and free style wrestling game is Alysh. People of the ancient times from the whole territory of Kyrgyzstan always struggled to conquer someone or to protect the others, and they needed physical strength. But, in a peacetime, when there were no wars, they played intellectual games that developed skills and knowledge, as well as strategic thinking.

During your tours in Kyrgyzstan you will have an opportunity to feel deeply the sense of these games. Along with nomads in the course of tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be represented how to play such games and what sense do they reveal. And our managers are glad to let you set off for travel and car rent in different places in Kyrgyzstan.