As the history of the country concerns, Tien Shan mountains is the main range which exists for a very long time. In Kyrgyzstan people will be told about lots of people who tried to travel to these mountains bit their information is not said to be trustful.

One of the first notions about Tien Shan mountains which can be trusted was given by Pyotr Semyonov. In the 19th century he used to make Kyrgyzstan tours and investigated the territory of the country. Then we would like to notice that in the 7th century BC monk Hsuan Tsang also made a tour in the mountains. While he visited the country he identified it as the territory completely and alsways covered with snow and constant strong winds.  In 1273 Marco Polo with this family was going along the territories of the country. It means that before starting Kyrgyzstan tours it is required to consult with professionals.