Hiking in Ala Archa gorge

What can be better but hiking in Ala Archa gorge - we wish to start a tour in Kyrgyzstan and visit the gorge located at the heights of 1600-4800m above sea level. Guests can make a witness of pristine nature and amazing natural testimonies. When guests start to travel here they get to know that the gorge was created in 1976.

The gorge is located in 41km from the very capital of the country. The very name of the gorge identifies "archa" as juniper, and the entire name means "bright and colorful juniper". Long time ago and during modern times the people burn archa to get away evil spirits and to clean the place from various bacteria and it is possible to witness it while Kyrgyzstan tours. Those who are in the gorge can make Kyrgyzstan tours for seeing the Peak Semenov-Tienshanski. Basically it is possible to stay in the gorge and enjoy pristine nature and amazing glaciers - the Adygene and the Ak-Sai.