Rituals are an important component of any society, and Kyrgyzstan is no different. In turn, we would like to inform travelers that their tour will surely be exciting because it will be prepared by our experts using the greatest car rent.

Travelers that visit the country typically rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and go directly to the locals to experience the rituals, or the state's customs and traditions. The origins of rituals may be traced back to the period of the Turkic tribes. Because the Kyrgyz used to live a nomadic lifestyle, their rituals reflected that.

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We are happy to inform you about the birthing customs as part of your Kyrgyzstan car rent tour. The first is known as suiunchu - or the time of joyfully informing parents of good news as they wait for gifts. The korunduk ritual follows, in which money is given to the parents when they visit the child. Beishik toi, on the other hand, honors the birth of a child. It's that time of year when a huge crowd gathers to make delicious traditional dinners and burn archa. Tushoo kesuu is the first time a newborn takes their first steps. When this happens, close relatives and friends are asked to tie the baby's legs together, and when the other older kids reach him in the challenge, the ropes are untied.

Weddings are the next sort of tradition that you could witness on a car rent tour, with or without a driver. In contemporary culture, wedding and engagement customs are accorded a tremendous deal of importance and significance. The main objective nowadays is to invite as many people as possible, even if it means suffering large financial losses. The old rites are based on the now-prohibited ala kachuu ceremonial. It is the act of kidnapping the bride, which is carried out on occasion by an unknown individual. If the bride is kidnapped, she has no choice but to stay at the groom's house. Then there's nike kyiuu, which translates as "commitment." According to Muslim traditions, it is accepted as marriage license. Kyz uzatuu is a ritual in which all of the bride's friends and relatives wish her farewell. Following that, the wedding is held at the restaurant, replete with toasts and guests. So, these are the country's most important rituals, which travelers to Kyrgyzstan may experience when rent a car for a tour.