Folklore show

Kyrgyzstan tours are also oriented on the visiting of folklore shows which are of great interest for all who live and travel in the country. It is necessary to know that folklore of the Kyrgyz people is rather versatile genre and it may be interesting to get to know it closer. Basically all will see that folklore is created out of songs and poems, proverbs, puzzles and so on.

We recommend taking Kyrgyzstan tours as here all is oriented on the presentation of legends and myths of the country. People here are very musical ones and they have a certain feelings to musical instruments and songs in a whole. Songs are seen from the point of view of division into kuu. This is the way of music when folk instruments play a very important place in the life of the Kyrgyz people.

Talking about men who are closely connected to music and folklore shows, we mention akyns and manaschi. Akyns are men who are able to make an improvisation of any notion they hear of and manaschi just retell the famous epic Manas. You have the opportunities of witnessing folklore show during Kyrgyzstan tours in case going to Bishkek and Kochkor village. In Bishkek there is the band of professionals - 100$ and in Kochkor there is the band of local musicians - 50$. 

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