Kyrgyzstan is a country of pristine natural life and for all who travel it is better to pay attention to the idea of preserving and saving flora. We would like to note that all through Kyrgyzstan tours it is possible to notice that in the north there are steppes, meadow-steppes, and in the south there are deserts and semi-deserts.

Before starting any tour it is necessary to get acquainted with flora in the face of plants as there are wild and medical ones. Medical plants are seen as coltsfoot, sea buckthorn, St John's wort, horsetail, Turkestan thermopsis and origanum, tulips and edelweiss, Siberian fir, Schrenk's fir, and juniper. You are advised to find out more information about them as they can be useful during various situations. Rhubarb, saltwort, and barberries are wild plants and there are more of them so pay great attention to this side.

It is possible to get to the greatest natural park Arslanbob. It is located in the south and seems to be the place of great harvests of walnuts, pear and apple. Amid Kyrgyzstan tours visitants will be amazed by the beauty of the forest and of course lots of legends are waiting for you.